The Simon Family Foundation’s “Simon Scholars Program”

The Simon Family Foundation’s “Simon Scholars Program” was created to help economically disadvantaged students who face difficult life circumstances advance themselves through a college education.

The Simon Family Foundation understands that it takes much more than financial support to change lives. Thus, the Foundation has developed and become known for its intensive, hands-on college preparatory support program.

During high school,  we offer our recipients a host of resources aimed at whole-person development. These include leadership and life-skills training, college coaching/application assistance, professional development and opportunities to network.

Simon Family Foundation College Scholarship

An important aspect of the Simon Scholars Program is the creation of strong peer support networks within each of our participating regions. This exposure to a diversity of individuals promotes a broadened life perspective and an enhanced worldview for our Scholars. In addition, we have found that these relationships with other high-achieving individuals provide strong support and positive influences for our students as they overcome obstacles together.

Benefits of Becoming a Simon Scholar

Upon selection, each Simon Scholar is afforded the opportunity to enjoy a special relationship with the Simon Family Foundation, its Board members, staff and affiliates for the purpose of helping to assure academic and life success.

Provided with an exceptional investment of time, funds and mentoring from the Foundation, our Scholars are held to a high standard, and are expected to rise to the occasion of being named a “Simon Scholar”. As a condition of the scholarship, the Foundation requires that its Scholars exhibit solid academic performance, high moral standards/conduct, and meaningful community service while serving as role models for their peers and other youth.

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