Empowering Student Success – Through College & Beyond

Scholarships & Holistic Support for Economically Disadvantaged Students

The Simon Family Foundation has awarded over $24 million in scholarships

The Simon Scholars Program helps economically disadvantaged students achieve a complete college education. Our tools, mentoring and hands-on support create successful, confident individuals who are highly competitive throughout their college years and beyond.

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The Simon Family Foundation prepared me for college in so many ways, from giving me a taste of what it's like to live in a dorm, to helping me find the confidence in my ability to reach my goals. I will always be grateful for everything the Foundation has done to support me on my higher education journey.

Natalia RamirezCurrently attending Princeton University

The Simon Family Foundation

The Simon Family Foundation supports students in difficult life and economic circumstances achieve the American dream through a college education. We believe in enhancing lives and creating independent, self-sufficient and productive citizens. The students we serve are committed to achieving personal success while positively impacting their communities.

Simon Scholar Alumni

Simon Scholar Alumni are part of a select group in the community, and many have fulfilled their potential through academic and life success.